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what is visalyze?

You can feel the flow of conversations, but you can’t visualize them?
Then have a look at the ups and downs of conversations in your own Facebook environment.
Who is really involved in your conversations?
Relationships are constantly redeveloping. Find out who is taking part in your conversations.
Topics (coming soon)
What are your friends talking about?
Content is constantly changing. Be on top of the hot topics.


Follow the development of your conversations as they happen
Extend your view onto other Facebook pages
Twitter (coming soon)
Witness the development of your relevant twitter #tags
Share of voice
Compare the performance of different Facebook and Twitter accounts
Learn from previous success by looking back on past conversations
Observe the scope of all of your Facebook conversations over time
Evaluate the influence of different postings in your environment
Discover what kind of conversations/topics your friends are engaged in


visalyze is a software service that enables you to visually analyze social media accounts on the basis of visual pattern identification.

Visual insights for social media combines the fields of data visualization, social analysis, big data management and advanced crawling mechanisms.

The premium product, which will be launched in a few weeks, will provide you with specific tools for the comparison of different social media accounts in real time.


Facebook, Twitter and co. have forever changed the way people use the
Web today. For the fist time Internet is living up to its promise of truly bi-
directional and equal communication between its many users.

What's the price of success in Social Media?

Imagine you are simply outnumbered by your fans and followers. However, all of
them expect to be heard. How is it possible to live up to these expectations, when
you have hundreds of simultaneous conversations running on your different social
media accounts? How can you attend them all? How do you figure out what is most

What if you had clever visualizations of
conversation patterns relevant to you?

Intuition could help you to identify the trends worth of engaging! visalyze
allows you to understand and to manage massive social media accounts by using
powerful visual insights.

Astonishing insights will emerge when looking at communication streams.
In some cases you will also get answers to questions you didn’t even think of in the first

We focus on social media accounts because we believe that it is more important
to know about comments and opinions that have been posted on your account,
which is where your friends and followers really are. If you actively control your
Facebook or Twitter account, this is where you will draw all relevant discussions.
If someone wants to harm you and your company with nasty comments, he or she
will do that where most of your friends or followers are likely to read them.